Which design (redux)?

Figured i’ll ask while watching the Bachelor. Plus, My birthday is nearing and im hoping to get one or two of the above. I think my hearts set on White Rose being one but im still iffy on the other. 😍 Sadly they’re now out of some of the ones from the other post but heyy they got some new ones now. 🙌
😭😭😭😭😭 Out of Stock 😭😭😭😭😭
Which design (redux)?
Aside from White Rose, these are the main ones i was obsessed with so im hurt they dont have these atm... not even online. But heyy the ones on the poll are still in stock
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Which design (redux)?
Which design (redux)?
Wolfsbane $80 (full board)
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Which design (redux)?
Rainbow Rose $100 (full board)
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Which design (redux)?
White Rose $40 (deck only)
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Which design (redux)?
Red Thorn $50 (deck only)
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Which design (redux)?
Pink Rose $60 (deck only)
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Which design (redux)?
Blue Diamond $40 (deck only)
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Which design (redux)?
Texas Ranger $50 (deck only)
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+1 y
Okay i for sure want White Rose as option 1! For option 2, im torn between wolfsbane and red thorn. I really hate red thorn didn't have pink roses on it but i like it better than the pink rose board
+1 y
So I chose white Rose and Red Thorn. can't believe i just paid $100 (when they added tax) for 2 decks that dont even have
wheels/grip tape/trucks/screws πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ better look just like these ppls
Ig ill have to wait on this grip tape
+1 y
Yay my skateboards are in 🙌 gonna go get em now. Better look like the picture
Which design (redux)?
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