Why UFC fighters aren't so badass. The real 7th Degree Ishinry black belt test described. What do you think?

So when A. J. Advincula's combat system, based on Isshinryu, was still taught in the Marine Corps, a fighter UFC tournament champion was an actual Marine.

UFC 3. Get the video and watch it, because an Isshinryu black belt won the tournament. Oringally he was the 9th place back-up, because of the foolish idea that he didn't have enough prize fights under his belt, even though he was an ex-marine for God's sake. He actually won all of his qualifiying fights against other black belts from other styles in 10 seconds or less by knock-out or submission, and Isshinryu black belts do not use full-force/full-speed punches or kicks on another human being except in a life or death situation. So he actually knocked out all of the other black belts in 10 seconds or less using THREE QUARTERS SPEED/FORCE punches and kicks, i. e. "Demonstration speed". A. J. Advincula and his students proved Jujitsu black belts could NOT submit Isshinryu black belts, and they could not deflect Isshinryu black belt's punches or kicks... not even a "demonstration speed" strike... but real Isshinryu black belts rarely compete for sport, and when they do they win the event and then they retire.

the seventh degree black belt test is Grand Mastery of Sanchin Kata. Whether you're a 120lbs woman or a 220lbs heavyweight man, the test is exactly the same. When an 8th degree black belt thinks you are ready for the test, you are invited to Oinawa and he oversees the test.

Multiple heavywight 6th adn 7th degree black belts break multiple oak bos over your body while you do the kata. If you flinch other than a grunt or "kia" you fail the test. If you lose your footing or forget your place in the kata due to distraction from pain or the shear force of the blow, you fail.

They break multiples across you solar plexus.
One on the throat, one on the back of the neck, one on each forearm, the small of the back, front and back of each thigh, and back of each calf.
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An Isshinryu bo is 3/4ths of an inch thicker than a Kung Fu bo, by the way, so it takes AT LEAST 4th degree black belt heavyweight swinging with all his might to actually break it over a candidate's solar plexus.

You are not given preferential treatment because you are a woman, or because you are a lower weight class. They've actually had 120lbs WOMEN pass the test before.
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A J Advincula was a REAL 7th Degree black belt. I don't know what belt equivalent Jenner was the year he won UFC 3, but he was at least a 1st degree Isshinryu black belt, but it wouldn't take more than a 1st degree in Isshinryu ot actually win the UFC anyway, because I've already proven that a second degree Jujitsu black belt CANNOT submit me, and I can submit him any way I want, within UFC rules, and I haven't practiced submissions in 18 years.
Why UFC fighters aren't so badass. The real 7th Degree Ishinry black belt test described. What do you think?
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