Martial Arts moral problem?

I want to teach women how to defend themselves against evil men, but I have some problems. Women aren't always innocent.

Anyway, I have about 2000 hours training with a 4th degree black belt. 200 hours with adouble 7th degree, and another 100 hours with two double sixth degrees, and they were basically 3 belts better than everyone elses style anyway.

So basically because of a stroke that happened several years ago, I actually FORGOT about 400 of my instructor's best submissions. They actually had about 1000 instant-win submissions in our style. UFC fighters know like 5 INFERIOR positions that I can get out of every time. I know Grand Master moves to teach a woman to drop a man heavyweight like a heart attack. In our style, ranked black belts taught the students everything they knew every time they met... and they were smart enough to invent their own moves from scratch too. they studied anatomy and stuff, not just repeating the Grand Master's best moves, but actually making up their own moves that worked. mark meyrs literlaly taught me at least 400 instant win submissions, but the stroke caused me to forget 90% of it, but I'm smart enough I can make my own moves too. I took one of his moves and made three other versions to do that move under different starting positions just by thinkin gabout it for a few minutes.

They trained me to be a Grand Master at Isshinryu, but they never promoted me beyond brown belt level. But they only had to show me a move one or two times and I remembered it forever anyway. Not since the stroke though. I lost almost everything.

But I still want to train women to defend themselves against evil men, and I just wont' teach anything useful beyond sports to men. We'll have female grand masters in the future and they'll just not teach most of their best moves to men, so men can't abuse it to rape other women or something. then if any man is dumb enough to attack a woman, I guess he deserves to die anyway.
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UFC is not real martial arts. Ninjitsu and Isshinryu are real defense training. problem is if we put that on television even men will learn how to use it against women.

We want women to be INVINCIBLE against men, so I'll train every women in all the Grand Master level moves I can still remember, and I'll get Grand Master Shimabuku and Grand Master Frank Dux to teach only women the lethal moves and the best instant win submissions, and in the future, FEMALE Grand Masters will teach me
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women can teach men enough for sport, but we'll just stop teaching men all the best moves anyway.

Jujitsu is a sport, that will not save a woman's life in a gange-rape scenario, ninjitsu and Isshinryu can save a woman's life in such a scenario.
Martial Arts moral problem?
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