Why study western Yoga? It's a waste of your time?

Eastern Yoga still teaches women all the pressure points and acupuncture points, and still teaches lethal martial arts for self defense, and still teaches a woman how to defend herself against two "unskilled" male heavyweight attackers in a gang-rape situation. By the way, when a trained martial artist woman defends herself against two heavyweights, they end up with broken arms and broken necks. Even if they survive, they are eating out of a feeding tube for months. Blue Belt Isshinryu women have defended themselves against two or three men in a gang rape situation and all the men ended up dead or maimed with broken arms too. And this has happened more than one time. So anyway, if you are going to study "Yoga" get a REAL eastern Yoga instructor to teach you something that will save your life in a street self defense situation.

Western Yoga is just an (inferior) exercise routine and a complete waste your time and money.

Now, Isshinryu teaches you how to defeat two SKILLED heavyweights by the time you are light/dark green belt. Naihanchi Kata is designed to defeat two skilled opponents attacking you from two directions simultaneous with leg sweeps and other skill martial arts attacks. If you want to be able to win the UFC, study Eastern Yoga or Isshinryu for abut 4 and a half years, and you'll be invincible compared to those guys, and you won't even need to reveal any of your own styles Grand Master level moves to beat them either. You can beat them with the worst submission your style teaches, because they've never even seen it, otherwise they'd be using it on one another.
Why study western Yoga? It's a waste of your time?
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