In terms of art style and fidelity, what is the best looking, most beautiful video game you have ever played?

I'm taking a Game Art course in college, and I'm looking for examples of art and concepts that I can research. I was hoping to get opinions on what the best looking games are, so I have somewhere to begin.


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  • If you want a more unrealistic style of digital design in games, I think the console games, “dead cells” and “no mans sky” are beautiful games. (Also dead cells is a fun game to play in general 11/10 would recommend.)
    When it comes to realistic games, my all time favorites are fallout 4 and monster hunter world. (Both yet again great games In my opinion.) hope this helps😄

    • Abstract styles are just as useful for me, I need a wide range of research. Thank you for the help 😊

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  • Probably the Order 1886, it has the best mix of technical fidelity and artstyle.

    Some newer games are better looking from a technical standpoint ( DICE games like Battlefront 1/2, Battlefield) but they are also more "gamey" looking.

    Kingdom Come Deliverance has a very "photorealistic" look to it, thanks to the Cryengine lighting and probably a lot of photosourcing/photogrammetry, but it also looks "clumsy" when you look closer at how it is built.

    Vanishing of Ethan Carter also has a lot of photogrammetry in it, but it is stylized in a way that makes up for it.

    That, in my opinion, is the most important thing to do- achieving that balance between your skills, direction and tools used.
    I have seen tons of photoscanned assets that look great by themselves, but then they are placed in environments where the rest of the assets were built by hand and have completely different look as a result, which makes the whole thing look jarring and sloppy.

    Personally, I'm more in favor of slightly stylized art that is made by hand using all the same tools.
    The integrity of art direction has to be there.

    Also, you can check Artstation (if you aren't an active member already) it is the best source for inspiration and knowledge, since a lot of people in the industry have their portfolios in there.


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  • To each their own of course, but I always found Guildwars, one of the best looking games (concerning looks and art 🙂)


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  • With respect to style, I fell in love with the steam punk aesthetics of bioshock


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