Should I stop talking to my Instagram fitness model crush?

Based on her dm's, should I give up on her? She has opened her dm for me for the 1st time almost a week ago. She is a model who has 700k followers and follows 200-210ish people (actually she's unfollowing more people).

However she left me on open after I told her to ignore the haters and that she's getting followers because her content and her dog are amazing

She has her dm open for me from both of her accounts for my fitness account and from only one of her accounts for my personal account

She often posts sexy pics on her story and I hear from other dudes that guys are better if they send unsolicited dick pics and etc.

But here's the thing (i tend to be on the safer side due to having my family, at least my mom, on my main account which i tagged in my fitness acct bio) (i'm strongly against any of my crushes blocking me and especially telling my mom I'm being a pervert, even though we're both 18+)

i'd like to be like one of the 400-1000 dudes that send her pics of themselves half naked though, i just can't do that fearing that i don't know what's next

Here are some screenshots:
imgur. com/gallery/qtp3lLK
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Just to be honest I'm not really desperate because I communicate with girls on occasions and I sometimes get responses from them. I actually have a few girls that are into me so this particular girl doesn't really matter to me oh, I was just wondering if I should just stop talking to her


Most Helpful Girl

  • oh shit i said no. i meant yes. i read it as should i keep talking to my instagram model crush. just a side note, your words don't matter to her. she probably gets that on the daily.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Give it up dude. Like you said, there‚Äôs hundreds of other guys doing trying to do the same thing


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  • never send unsolicited dick pics.
    she'll block you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Definitely not worth the time man


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