What are sone ways to spoof a text messege?

I've already found and have used a few apps that allow me to spoof phone calls ( call from ANY number you choose) but if that's possible then surely there must be some way of spoofing text messeges? Being able to recieve the person you contacteds response would be ideal but im less optimistic that such an ability is possible as if they are responding to a certain number then that number would be the one recieving the text and if you also did that would mean you technically have connected your device to theirs.. so just sending the messege would be great, if any one knows of any android apps, sites, hacks, tips or tricks which would allow me to do that! I am desperately in need of a prank to play on my dad and this would help dearly (it's a thing we do, nothing mean or vindictive) ... And preferably for free!


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