If the US power grid suddenly came under attack and we lost all PC, smartphones and internet capabilities, would life drastically change for you?

This would definitely pose major problems
for those that find themselves dependant
upon technology such as cell phones and
the internet.
I fear a lot of this generation might be
a bit too privileged and lack certain
fundamental know how for basics
such as writing and mailing via postage


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What Girls Said 1

  • I’m really not heavily connected so it wouldn’t bother me too much

    Might have to get a P. O. Box for people I communicate with online but otherwise not really a big deal 🤷‍♀️

    • 1d

      Tbh I’d kind of like to see people be people and not cyborgs. I would find that interesting.

    • 1d

      I find it strangely odd when I visit relatives or married friends that can't pull their
      face away from their phone
      or computer screen, long
      enough to witness she has
      on a new dress or has her
      hair done in a new style.

      She's too preoccupied with
      reading her girl's text messages at the dinner table
      to had even noticed her
      husband, placing a dozen
      white roses in front of her.

      Truly a sad state of being when
      we're so wrapped up in foolish
      gossip and chat, that we fail to
      recognize the things that should matter.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think both generations would be pretty boned if suddenly all the power went out long term. Heating, cooking and food storage pose immediate concerns.

    • 1d

      Fortunately, my wife and I paid 15k last fall to have solar panels installed on the roof
      of our home. So that spares
      us from losing the much needed appliances that can
      be deemed a necessity.

      As far a smartphones and internet, TV, cable and movies.
      I love a good book and if I need
      to communicate, face to face
      works fine for me.

    • 1d

      Very good work on the solar, food storage/transport could still be a concern on an infrastructure level though depending on the duration

  • Not really all big companies also have servers in Europe so... and I live in Europe so


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