What is your opinion on entitled women and findoms online?

Examples the live streamers who have no talent and expect guys to give them money and free gifts.

Or the findom webcam women who expect guys to give them money in return for doing nothing.

A lot of these women just sit in front of a camera and expect to be paid by rich men because they use their looks to gain money. Or because some gulable guy thinks he is turned on by giving money to women.

What is your opinion do you think it is wrong of women to expect money for simply being a semi popular person on social media, webcaming and live streaming without giving something in return for the money.

I am all for paying webcam models etc if I get something in return like a video photos etc. What I refuse to do is tip towards a stupid high tip goal that never gets finished and the model leaves still in her clothes.

Do you think this is a mild form of exploitation? That they know what they are doing and don't care about ripping off the people who watch them.

I was the victim of sexploitation 2 years back had video posted online claiming I was video calling an underage girl. It got deleted and I didn't pay a penny. So now I am very careful who I deal with online because of it.

Femenists claim men are not the victims?
What is your opinion on entitled women and findoms online?
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