How to decrease ping for online gaming (PS4)?

So I enjoy some online gaming on my ps4 pro. On my mac on a speedtest, I get super nice ping (~10) even on wireless, as soon as I go to in game network settings, my ping is minimum 75 (on a wired connection) and minimum 85-90 on a wireless connection.

I'm in Perth and generally there are no close servers for any games, but then there's other people who clearly aren't affected by lag in game like I am, it's just completely different.

I have NBN, I get decent speeds on my mac. Averaging 35/15, which isn't great, but it could be much worse. Gets up to 50/25 pretty regularly too.

Opened ports, have an old ass modem that isn't very good.

I need to lower my ping, help?

Do I need a router with QoS, better internet, what can I do?
How to decrease ping for online gaming (PS4)?
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