If your exes family still want to be your friend on social media does that mean that your ex probably doesn’t think poorly of you?

My ex ghosted me. I KIND of got closure but not to the degree that would help me fully heal from it/forgive him easily. I found out after I had already accepted his “explanation” that it was a completely exaggerated excuse and that he didn’t intend to give me closure but that he exaggerated his reason so that I would sleep with him one more time. I genuinely loved him and I felt some extremely conflicting emotions about how he ended things. On one hand I wanted to be happy for him moving on and accept his decision. But I was angry at him for always stringing me along instead of just being honest, and I was ashamed. I worried that he probably didn’t like me even though I loved him more than anything, and I wondered why. So just recently, my exes brother sent me a friend request on Facebook. Him and his brother were the closest people on earth. I never had a problem with his brother or any of his family and had actually worked with his brother for a short period of time so I just didn’t see any harm in it at first. But then i thought about it and I started to analyze why he would send me a friend request. As far as I know it’s against the bro code AND the girl code to send a friend request to your brother/sisters ex? Not just that, but he also watches all of my stories faithfully. I figure he isn’t just scrolling through because sometimes I post a few pictures or videos and he will watch them and then a while later I will post some more and he will watch those too. He hasn’t missed a single story yet. He doesn’t react to anything and hasn’t tried to message me though. So my thought was, maybe my ex didn’t say that we ended on bad terms. Maybe he didn’t dislike me enough to talk poorly about me to his family? Because if he did, they definitely wouldn’t want to be friends with me. It’s not just his brother but some of his cousins and his female friend also watch all of my stories as well. Does that at least mean he didn’t completely dislike me?
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And please don’t misinterpret my reason behind wondering if my ex liked me. I don’t want him back and I pretty much lost respect for him. But when you really love someone and you gave it your all, it sucks to think that the person you loved the most didn’t even like you. Being ghosted made me worry that I had no redeemable qualities for months until I forced myself to get over it. So I’m just trying to fill in the blanks to the questions I never got to answer. It sucks to feel unlikeable
If your exes family still want to be your friend on social media does that mean that your ex probably doesn’t think poorly of you?
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