What do y'all think of Tik Tok?

To me:
It's an app full of stupidity, people are very dry on there, they ruin such good old school songs, they do the same shitty dances over and over, and nothing different. it's so stupid to see kids in public, or at school dancing to that bullshit app, and people think they're talented on there... HELL FUCKING NO, TAKE A SEAT... THANK YOU. I hate seeing Tik Tok ads popping up on Youtube thinkin they're the best app...😤 And it's weird for me to see grown ass men and women on there doing the same thing the kids on there are doing... It turns men into boys and women into girls... That app is like a dating app for kids. It's just dumb, and not too long ago, they made fun of autistic people, as a "challenge" ... Are these Tik Tokers fucking crazy? I was on there for a day, and deleted it that same day too.
~Just my opinion
What do y'all think of Tik Tok?
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