Why does my POF account keep getting removed?

Your Plenty of Fish account was removed due to a violation of our Terms of Use & Community Guidelines. Learn more in our Help Center.

I didn't go against their standards. There's no harassment, threats, discrimination, hate speech, nudity or copyright infringement.

I hadn't messaged anyone. My twice removed profile went something like this:

Ultraconservative looking for submissive woman to help take care of the home and raise future children.

That's basically it.
Now I'm not really ultraconservative. I'm not even sure what that means. Would I like a submissive woman? Do I want her to take care of home and child rearing. Yes. I would love such a family. Why is this bannable? Consider if I said I wanted a dominant woman, or she said she wants a submissive guy. I bet those preferences would be fine.

This is how institutions repress individuals. They typically repress alphas and creatives as they're the ones that venture out of the accepted scope.

What's wrong with wanting a submissive woman? What if a woman wants to be submissive? Some do. What's wrong with declaring it?

I don't really care about POF. I'm on other sites, with more normal profiles. I don't care much for online dating, but I care about institutional cocksuckery and they're out of order.

It's ok to be translesbian and that's a good thing, but is stating a preference for submissive woman any more beyond the moral pale? Let's hear from them. I'd love and I deserve LGBT support as I've stood up for you. by the way my profile pic was me smiling, winking and tilting my head, as if I'm just being sarcastic.
If I was a brown-skinned Muslim I bet I'd be give a pass. That double standard is insufferable. Let muslims now stand for me too as I've stood up for them. This institutional tomfoolry is zu ende. This is why Trump won. I believe in a free dating market. I've never used force on anyone. To each their own but I have high self esteem and expect respect.
Why does my POF account keep getting removed?
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