How much and why do you use the "anonymous" button?

Ok the "Anonymous button.. do you use it often? And really why do we need it? Are you hiding behind it when you use it? If so what are you hiding? And from who? Why?
I use it occasionally but feel I don't know...
kinda "wrong" in a since when I do. Like "nobody cares silly". But eh 🤷‍♀️..
Use it all the time
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1 y
The main thing that attracted me to this site was the fact that you can be honest and not be judged and that's why I don't like to use it. I think I've used it 2 maybe 3 times since I first got on here. And that was only to ask not to give options. I find sometimes some people don't take you as seriously if they already have an opinion about you. Kinda like you said @Virgo31 .
How much and why do you use the "anonymous" button?
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