Is it worth to buy printer in general?

I have burned some cd for an old game console that dosn;'t make original games anymore and the company already doesn't exist. In a way its not legal, but the company doesn't exist and i am not planning to sell them. I just want to make for my self cd of this game console to look original because i can't afford to pay for original game 300 euros. So i am considering to buy a printer and just print on the cd, but i don't know is it worth it in general? Should i get cheap printer with reffiling ink cardiges or ecoTank? But i just need to print on 60 cds maybe more or just print some covers, but in general i am not planning to use printer every day or probably not often. So should i just get cheaper printer that uses ink cardiges? Maybe someone tried to print on cds how many ink cardige printer can print cds?
Is it worth to buy printer in general?
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