Why do you think WhatsApp is so popular?

WhatsApp has been behind when it comes to rolling out new features over the years, it doesn't have an aesthetically appealing look to it, and it's chat backup system is so old.

There has been an aesthetically appealing messenger by Google, and it has been around for as long as WhatsApp has been around, it's called Hangouts and before that it was called Google Talk. It has always had latest features and you can use your email address to use it, there is no need to make an account with your phone number.

So why don't people use Google Hangouts, it has more than a billion downloads on the Google Play Store, yet rarely do I come across someone who actively uses it. It's all WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WhatsApp. Why?
Why do you think WhatsApp is so popular?
I want to know the answer to this question as well.
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I had never thought of it that way before, you are right!
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Why do you think WhatsApp is so popular?
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