Need help dealing with an xbox one?

So my friend took his old roommates xbox one console. The owner and his girl had drama and they broke up and kicked him out. Anyway I guess the girlfriend/roommate was a raging b--ch. She was going to sellit but he took it instead when she kicked out his roomie. So he wants to know 1. If they can track the device in case she reported it to cops. And 2. He also wants to know if he could make an account on the Xbox one. He doesn't want to use theirs he wants to put his own profile on it and play that way. Then delete the old main account. So no money stealing involved. If it's locked can you make a new profile or would you have to hack into the old one? Also would you have to hack it to delete the old profile? I'm curious if he would get in trouble even if he's not using the old owners account and or the money on it. (If there is any)
Need help dealing with an xbox one?
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