Why do more people not own a kindle?

I have the kindle paperwhite and it's literally amazing. You can read by the pool (the screen allows for easy reading in the sun), IN the pool (waterproof), at night (the light is easy on the eyes), BASICALLY anywhere. The battery life is amazing. If you're an avid reader WHY WOULDN'T YOU HAVE ONE! I don't know anyone besides myself who owns one and I don't understand why! If you need a Christmas present for someone who loves reading I am recommending the kindle paperwhite IT IS PERFECT. It's small enough to slip into my coat pocket and bring with my anywhere it's literally my favorite thing I own. I've had it for a year now and I NEED TO KNOW WHY EVERYONE DOESN'T HAVE ONE? And Amazon prime gives you a decent selection of free books (especially if you love some of the classics).
Why do more people not own a kindle?
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Why don't more people own a kindle?**** I realized the title was confusing 😆😆😆i was too excited to check
Why do more people not own a kindle?
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