Can I be "doxxed" over YouTube comment?

So on youtube, I was arguing with these racist stupid idiot (sorry she has me mad). We were arguing whether musa character, from winx club was whitewashed or not. Side note: Personally, I believe musa was white, whether I'm wrong or right, it does not make it a racist statement. I'm not white at all, therefore I have no reason to want musa as white.

Then she claimed I'm racist just for believing in that and started threaten to dox me on "black twitter" in which I replied laughing and saying that was ridiculous. She got mad, and starting throwing racial slurs at me, such as mayo monkey, camel lover, pedo prophet lover. In relaitation, for being offended, I named called her slurs right back. What does she do? She deletes her racist slur comments, to make me look bad, pretty much manipulated the whole situation. Now she claims she doxxed me on Twitter for throwing racial slurs at her, even though she started first, she said "twitter was notified and they're coming for you" a day later, still nothing. Worse of all, she claims that her racist slurs aren't racist because apparently you can't be racist to a white person, which is ridiculous and racist itself to say. I'm not even white.

Am I the crazy one or what? And should I be afraid of being "doxxed on twitter" over a random YouTube comment? I'm not scared because I did nothing wrong, but she is extremely manipulative and even deleted her racist comments first attacking me.
Can I be "doxxed" over YouTube comment?
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