Suspicious or not?

This morning I got a friend request on this game I recently started playing. It’s an online game that mostly relies on the player being friends with other players to move forward.

So when I got the friend request, I was going to accept it, until I did a little more digging.

This person who request me has one other friend (who I can’t see) and is in the starter club for the game. I’m not in the starter club, and have not been for a while. This person also has the lowest stats, and is obviously a new account.

So why did this newbie who only has one friend (for example, I have 50+, because adding people is a bit part of the game) add me, when there is no way for them to even know about my account if they didn’t search it up?

(There’s millions of players, and I got the request 12+ hours ago, yet they still have 1 friend)

Bit of context, last week I had some beef with this guy. I ended up blocking him and his posse. And I thought that was the end of it. I, wanting to complete more missions and get extra moolah, created another account.

And my dumbass added my original account as a friend and did something that lets people know that my new and original account are connected (I’m trying to be subtle as to not give out any clear details about the game).

If I accept their request, they’ll be able to send me messages and other shit too.
Suspicious or not?
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