Do you really care what other people posts on their social media accounts?

I mean you do have an account on social media but you are not a fanatic POSTING EVERYTHINGI dont mean raunchy, sexy slutty photos, just normal photos of people taking a vacations with friends or family. I mean why people has to POST EVERYTHING they do or dont do. Do they want to make people jealous that they can afford to be on vacations at a nice beach hotel, or in certain countries while others dont have enough money for vacations? And in this panedemic time we all are, people keep posting photos like that. Lucky them they still have a job, lucky them their contracts were not reduced. Why do they do it?

I had seen this trend more and more often. People posting where they are at when they are on vacations and they quote phrases like "How nice and relaxing being in this beautiful beach" or This is heaven or" Finally some vacations, or simialr phrases.

There is this guy I know who is married. He and his husband when they take vacations or they are gathering with friends at some people house, he has to post the photos of the occasion, or the places, cities they are on vacations or what they are eating at the vacations. But the guy seems he has money to afford the places he goes to as the photos he posts, are from nice beach hotels, nice restaurants, the friends house he goes too seem like nice chic houses. He does not hang out with just any people, he is a bit classist. One time during this pandemic he says on a chat group that people should stay home for the sake of their love ones and nto to get infected. Sure he said that cause he never lost a job, and he still earn a salary working from home so he CAN stay home and do not have to worry about his house economy.
Do you really care what other people posts on their social media accounts?
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