Are you concerned about the fact, that big tech just deleted Parler?

So basically what happened is: that google, facebook and twitter are wroking together to block information on Parler and amazon is actively cancelling their servers. so the situation right now is: if you can't have an amazon server, you're pretty much out of options. yeah there are very few alternatives but still...

you may be right or left. i don't care. do you think that a few tech giants should be in full contol about communication and information on the internet? should amazon, facebook and twitter just be able to litterally delete upcoming companies from existence, cause they "could become competition"? considering specially facebook but also twitter have lost massive amounts of users over the last couple of years...

I personally am extremely concerned about this global coordination of information that people can access. they are currently also trying to do the same with tiktok and telegram. i don't believe the bullshit about "chinese spying". the NSA and facebook do way more spying than china ever could so you are actually less spied on on those platforms. Do you buy the lie that those platforms are just chinese spying apps?

if you think i'm completely wrong, you're free to present your idea. when responding, consider: my response will be as respectful as yours is.
Are you concerned about the fact, that big tech just deleted Parler?
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