Which phone should I buy?

Which phone should I buy?
Based on value, ratings, camera quality, performance and battery life. High quality camera is most important to me, but obviously the rest that goes with it needs to work great too!

Some people have dissuaded me on the Vivo because you don't get good customer support and they apparently slow down sooner and don't offer as many software updates. But the Vivo Pro Plus has a better camera than the S21 Ultra.

I'm really struggling to decide which one to get and I've been researching them for days. :( A couple of these phones have the Exynos chipset in the UK by the way, not the seemingly better Snapdragon.

I've heard varying reviews of the S20 Ultra, apparently they tend to overheat (Exynos chip), but they have software updates to improve things on it, including the camera issues. Amazon reviews are generally quite negative despite a 4.5 star rating. Some people say it's amazing, others say it doesn't feel flagship.
But I've watched some videos saying that if you don't get the S21 Ultra, the S20 Ultra is better than the cheaper S21s.

Features I'd like:
  • High quality camera
  • Fast/wireless charging
  • Waterproof
  • 265GB storage or 128GB storage if it has a memory card slot
  • Not too large (though I know the S20 Ultra is big :( )
  • 5G
  • I would like under display fingerprint reader
  • Headphone jack preferable but not super important (can always get a dongle)
  • I prefer punch hole notches
  • Budget is around ยฃ700 and should be available on Amazon/from Samsung
Samsung S20 Ultra (Last year's flagship phone)
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Samsung S21+
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Vivo X60 Pro (+ not available in UK)
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Other Android phone (please comment)
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Which phone should I buy?
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