Why do you use apple products?

I saw an interesting video about how apples marketing is different and how they focus on selling their products at nice stores and with nice packaging and good customer service etc. But some points also seemed weird to me like the blue bubble this seems like a very vain thing.

Is it the luxury image, feeling like something better? I used to have iPods back in the day before everyone just used a smart phone. I thought they were the best mp3 players on the market back then. But after that I've never become interested in using apple products again. I grew up with PC and I've never had to use customer service for one before. Usually it was something I didn't know that was the problem. My neighbor had a mac and it was very impractical to use for me I hated it I'm sure I could get used to it at some point but it never seemed worth it to me. Also iPhones are way too expensive for what they offer in my opinion I bought a Huawei for 300 bucks and I'm still happy with it. But some points in the video were also interesting and convincing so I want to ask why you use apple products what the appeal is for you and if it is true that you felt you were getting extra value after you bought the product.
Why do you use apple products?
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