What would you do if you found a passive motion activate tracking device on your car?

I was informed yesterday, that the body shop found a tracking device on my Explorer that I was rear-ended in last month. I did not put this there.
It wasnt like this but similar
It wasn't like this but similar
Magnetically attached under the vehicle, had there not been an accident I would still not know about it.

The a battery on it was dead, its been there long enough for that to happen.

What would you do if that happened to you?

I have filed a police report on this but I do not expect it to go anywhere, as it is illegal here to place it on someone else's vehicle without their permission or a warrant if law enforcement. Who knows though maybe they'll figure it out.

Not sure there is much more I can do.

I suspect it is from someone in my past when I left for my own safety and they have been unable to retrieve it.

Anyone else ever found one before on their car?

For those who do not know what passive tracking is;

Passive tracking – when a GPS unit gathers data that needs to be downloaded from the tracker. These devices do not report in real-time. Instead, they silently collect data that can be viewed as a whole later. Once data is downloaded, you’ll be able to see exactly where the tracker has been.
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Update on the device, the last data on it was before I moved to where I currently live. There is no data on it of me travelling here or since I have been here.

It was not on there from a previous owner, as the manufacture date is after I bought the vehicle. Someone was tracking me personally but was unable to retrieve it for unknown reasons.
What would you do if you found a passive motion activate tracking device on your car?
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