What should I do for my 21st birthday?

I'm turning 21 soon and I need suggestions. I was planning to go see the Jerry Springer show in person... but it's cancelled (or at least there are no shows taping). Then I was thinking hey.. let's hit the casinos in Vegas baby! But I'd rather go with friends and not alone... but they're tied up a lot of times. What do you guys think?

About me:
-Not one for drinking.
-Friends are flakey/busy.
-Likes trying new things.
-Weird/quirky girl.
-Price/Money isn't an issue.
11 mo
August 31st. I live in Georgia by the way...

Thank you everyone!

I think I'll take a week or so off for my birthday and do some community work, hit a casino in another state that has some nice nature (like Colorado, Nevada, etc) to photograph...(or maybe NY for the street art).

Planning early, just in case. But I'm still iffy about being in a whole new state alone. But we'll see... at least I have some ideas now. Thanks!
What should I do for my 21st birthday?
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