Getting a van and traveling cross country?

Hi guys and girls,
You guys are great at destroying myself confidence and being blunt af so I’d thought I’d ask your opinion.

Hi I’m melody🤗
I’m a 22 yr old full time student.
That bitch corona has made all my classes online, and I have been planning on taking classes online this summer as well.

I ’ve had it in my mind since I was 18 that I wanted to buy a van and travel cross country and do some self discovery, because I’m a confused ass bitch 😁. I never had the opportunity because I was always doing something for someone else and or in a crappy relationship.

Recently I’ve been saving my money for a convertible, my dream car. And I came across this van and not any ole van a VAN LIFE VAN. very spacious, has a bed, and everything. 👀 and it’s also waaayyyyyy cheaper than a convertible and a chance for a experience💁‍♀️.

All my friends and adult siblings have left the state and I can visit them ❤️ I haven’t seen them in years and I can travel🥰

Am I being crazy? 🤪
Getting a van and traveling cross country?
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