Have you been to Cambodia?

It's an underrated country to visit as when people hear southeast Asia, they either think of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines (my country). But other countries in this subregion I think isn't noticed much because they are least developed countries (i. e. Timor Leste, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos). And Brunei doesn't look like a developed country for me since they won't develop its cities and there are also illegal settlers around Bandar Seri Begawan, though they're rich in oil.

I actually do like to visit (not during this quarantine obviously) because of Angkor what and Siem Reap. And when I try to visit underdeveloped nations, I feel more at home because life there is more simple and there are more humble people around. I also love rural places as I appreciate the countryside, it just feels like I can breath fresh air and have peace of mind!

What did you like about Cambodia?
Have you been to Cambodia?
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