Driving, how would you feel?

So basically I passed my test 2and a bit years ago but have only render started driving in feb. We went on local lockdown but I drove on the motorway for the first time. On the way to destination i thought my car wasn’t in gear and dropped a gear. Then on the way back it was pitch black and I followed my sat Mac. It told me to take the first exit I did but it was a HGV car park and I panicked because I went the wrong way I calmed down and then was fine. Nearly home a car was behind and indicating left. My satnav told me to get into the left lane so because of the car behind and the sat nav I indicated left and moved over. It didn’t feel like a proper lane and I realised I was driving on the hard shoulder I wasn’t there long. But I feel so stupid and driving causes me so much anxiety. I came home and cried and is this normal to be so upset and stressed with driving? I can’t help but keep beating myself up about it. How can I stop this feeling 😭
Driving, how would you feel?
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