What is the real meaning of enjoying life?

and take advantage of of it, beacuse you only have one life on this Earth. Do you think it is more based on material things you do or have, the money you have to spend on material stuff (such as traveling so very often during the year) , socializing always, being popular and chic, and being important drinking and spend it the way you want it or it is more based on enjoying little things in life no matter where, small details and moments, (regardless if you have money) family, friends, health. I mean if you have extra money to spend on trips that be ok sure but not make it part of your life as traveling is the only thing for u to believe is to enjoy life beacuase you can afford it.

I found that a former coworker was like that and I dotn know if she is someone to envy or someone to feel pity cause for her way of thinking.

SHe had always been a lady who for the way she was, she was more focus on image, appearance, material stuff than other really meaning ful things in life. SHe was not a super beautiful lady, no, she was ordinary and petite but she always talk about knowing this popular people in the country, some high company executives or that her family knew this family. she always spoke about rubbing elbows with this and that person, that she liked to buy fancy stuff of this brand. She always like to focus more on mateiral stuff, being chic, visiting always the beach, and these countries and that she was taking equestrian lessons cause she looves horses and she will have one. Yesterday I saw her IG social media account that is public and it seems she has not slowed down. Her photos are mostly of the trips she had made to Europe in the last years and the chic places and beaches she was in Europe. Also photos of her attending many different concerts in our country from international artists, selfies of her working out and in showing body, photos of her drinking wine beer in chic places, like in yachts with friends. Going to the beach often with friends.
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This lady always was known beause she indeed likes to drinks when she goes out socially to parties or any social event when alcohol is served. She ways a party with no alcohol is no party. I remember her she always end up being drunk in all parties and so far it seems that has not changed she is not like 37 years old, she is not married or have kids. She behaves like "Rich and Famous", she is just a notary lawyer who does not even own her own law firm, she works for a law firm, but she ain't a
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she ain't a company`s CEO, or president or manager or any of that stuff, it seems she had always been a spoiled girl who was given mostly everything.
Maybe for some people that is enjoying life eacn minute, but does that really matter in this world to really say Im enjoying life? I mean enjoying based on appearance, material stuff, impress people, etc. rather than being simple, humble, and enjoy little things life can hand it to you, among many other things. Just asking.
What is the real meaning of enjoying life?
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