Will a person be that dumb to plan a trip in this moment knowing the risk of this Covid everywhere in the world?

Let me be clear that I know borders had to be open for the economy but precaustions has to be very throughly to allow to open borders and go and see nice attractions in cities with the chance of them being closed due to the virus. So what is the point in traveling and waste money if you barely will see attractions open right?

Ok. So my 2 couisns are planning to travel to Europe in January (wich means vvirus in Europe and super cold winter) They both say that due to the flight tickets being cheap now due to the the virus, people are taking advantage of that so they want to do it too. Also anotehr reason for them to want to travel is beacuse one of them has time off (vacations ) in Januayr for some weeks, and in other months of the year she won't have that time off only in January she can.
The cousin who can't take time off other months of the year works in a public hospital at some lab (she is not a doctor but some lab technician) and she very well is aware of how the virus is going in the country and inside the hospital she works for. Several doctors of that hospital had died for this virus so she is 100% aware about this virus and the risks that a personc an take if it is infected. In fact this cousin is the same person who always tell her family including her mom siblings and her otehr relatives like cousins (like me) and her autns who are elder people, to stay home and try not to go out if we can only for ewsswential and necessaryy stuff and if we have to go out please wear masks and follow hygiene procedures, and social distancing.

But now she is making plans with her brother to travel to Europe next year in January to Germany and the Czech Republic. At this moment European borders are not allowed to open for citizens of my country so e can't get in still until the European Community says otherwise and we dont know when will that be this year oe ven after January of next year. SO we have to
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keep waiting. But my cousisn still are making plans to go in January they are sure Europe will protocols each time before during and after the trip.

My cousin (the one who works at a hospital even on Facebook tells her friends "in a not so distant future I wil be traveling to Europe" I mean are my cousins really that dumb and they are aware of the sitaution. Im sure they read the news and update on what borders are safe for opening and stuff like that.
Will a person be that dumb to plan a trip in this moment knowing the risk of this Covid everywhere in the world?
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