If you feel oppressed: Why?

The state of being subject to unjust treatment or control.

The definition is clear, is any person living in America being controlled? Last time I checked that was a no. Every American citizen has the same rights, no matter the color of your skin. Every American citizen has the same opportunities to succeed in life. So to tell someone that you're "oppressed" is pretty sad.

Blacks: Whites are killed more by the police. Unarmed white and blacks also have the same number of deaths by police. Blacks are only worth 13% of the population, yet, they have the highest crime rates out of any race. Also, black on black murders is insanely high, however, people focus more on the police officers killing blacks out of fear for their lives. Most of the time when a persons killed by police is when they're doing they shouldn't (resisting arrest, running, reaching in their car, etc.) It's silly to that some blacks feel "oppressed" even though they make themselves that way. No police officer wakes up and says, "I'm gonna shoot a black man." They FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES.

Immigrants: No one is trying to deport you, unless you're illegal. My ancestors came here legally, you need to do the same. ~60% of immigrants are on welfare, immigrants are a net cost to tax payers, meaning they take more than they give. You are allowed to enter this country, you are not oppression.

LGBQT+: You are not oppressed, in America you have a right to be gay, a right to change your gender (lol), and a right to live your life how you want. If someone disagrees with you, that's their right, no one is taking that away. Just because people don't share your stupid opinions, doesn't make you "oppressed." Maybe you should move to another country and see how they feel about you, say the middle east?

No-one is oppressed in America. You can do what you want, that's why there is a constitution. People don't have to agree with you, just because you get called a name, doesn't make you "oppressed."
If you feel oppressed: Why?
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