Guys have you accepted you are a loser?

There really comes a point in a man's life that after years and years of battle you have to accept that you are a mass of genetic trash. You fought so hard all your life trying to better yourself but in the end it's all failure.

It truly hits you that life is unfair. Your loser existence is proof of that. It's proof that even when you do try all your life you can still end up a loser. REAL LIFE ISN'T A HAPPY LIBERAL LAND WHERE EVERYBODY IS A WINNER. No, real life is unfair, brutal cold, uncaring and only rewards the chosen people no matter how good or evil they are.

I'm not writing this as a pity party. This is just an acceptance for what I am. I Aeon Flux am nothing more than trash. I feel no sadness or anger in saying this. Not everybody can win in life and I just so happen to be a loser.

I am trash and I'm happy with this. Nobody likes me and I'm ok with this. I'll keep failing in life but I'm ok with that.

“Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday"
Guys have you accepted you are a loser?

Guys have you accepted you are a loser?
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