Do you agree with Trump's Muslim ban?

Do you agree with Trump's Muslim ban?
It's not news that Muslims, since the start of the Trump and Clinton election campaigns, have been subjected to various forms of racism in American such as pulling off female hijabs and public scrutiny.

Here's an example of threats against Muslims.

The ban itself is enough of a worry for some Muslims as it mirrors the United States actions during the Jewish Holocaust when refugees were banned from fleeing Nazi Germany. The executive action signed yesterday on Holocaust Remembrance Day is now being shown by the media as either an omen or a slap in the face to anyone who suffered during the Holocaust.

Do you agree with Trump's Muslim ban?

For those of you who are unaware of what the ban is, it means Muslims from seven countries, like Syria, would not be allowed to enter the US. If you are a Muslim immigrant with a legal green card, you cannot reenter the US for 90 days should you choose to leave. It doesn't matter if you are visiting family, attending a funeral, going on vacation, or even going on a business trip. Refugees cannot enter the United States for 120 days.

Here's CNN's report on the ban and it's timing.

A Federal Judge has already interjected against the plan and several protests against it have erupted, more specifically the one in O'Hare airport. Even celebrities are speaking out such as Catfish's Nev Schulman, Alyssa Milano, Kerry Washington, Miley Cyrus, George Takei, Emmy Rossum and Debra Messing.

Here's more information.

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Do you agree with Trump's Muslim ban?
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