Would America be better off with mostly white people?

After doing some research it seems like 70% of the crime rate would drop if we didn't have certain other racial groups. I'm not saying this to be a racist or jerk.

Secondly doesn't this prove diversity doesn't work. The few blacks, mexicans and middle easterners that DON'T start trouble are ones on the same mental level as white Americans. That means racial groups can be together only if the have Very very similar morals and belief systems.

The diversity liberals talk about like islam in America simply doesn't work. Extreme black culture in America doesn't work. If you notice both groups don't integrate in America. That's why they have stuff like Black America and their own channel.

Blacks that do integrate don't watch black channels or hang around black only. Black culture is a myth. Integrated blacks are no different than white Americans. What you define as black culture exists to separate blacks from their true identity as Americans. Black culture is a liberal product meant to keep you in the victim mindset, aggressive and angry at your fellow American the white man.
Would America be better off with mostly white people?
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