How can you believe in God?

There is absolutely zero evidence a higher power exists; I don't have to disprove his existence, you have to prove it. Yet no one in the world can do such thing. It seems silly to believe in a fairy tale, no matter how old it is. Do you believe in Santa Clause? Well of course not, we all know he's made up. So why believe in God?

Whenever I am to ask someone as to why they believe, their answer is always the same: "The Bible." Yet that's not proof of anything but showing me a fictional book. The stories in it make no sense, and hold no ground in an intellectual conversation. Take the dinosaurs, why aren't they in the Bible? Could it be because the people then didn't know about such a thing? Yet God should know everything.

Statistics show that the more educated one is, the less they believe in God. That's because God has no proof of existing or ever existed. It just doesn't make sense to science. Moreover, take a look at Jesus Christ: A man who has unlimited power and died for your sins. Again, sounds like a load of stupid. There is proof he existed, yet there is evidence he was just an ordinary man at the time. Yet people think he's oh so powerful, come on.

You then have people who don't believe in the theory of evolution and the big bang, instead they think God created the universe and everything in it. How dumb does one have to be? There is astounding evidence showing that evolution Is and did indeed happen; fossils, artifacts, etc. The big bang has been proven by all the top scientists in the world to have happened and there's proof of it. Furthermore, the law of thermodynamics and cross-breeding DO NOT disprove evolution, and as aforementioned it's been proven by top scientists (

There's many, many, many more reasons but if someone would like to try and prove to me that God's real, go for it.
How can you believe in God?
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