Gun Control: Do you actually believe it works?

Gun control hasn't worked in many places: England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Chicago, etc. Yet, the left wants to claim that it works, and the only way to stop gun violence is if no one has a firearm. Laws preventing people from getting firearms has not, and will not ever work; it just stops the good people from getting firearms. Anyone can go and get a handgun without a permit on the streets, and many criminals already do this. If they don't do it that way, they'll steal a firearm (Sandy Hook).

In England and Wales after the 1997 Gun Act, homicides increased, and only decreased after they adopted trends from other countries. Ireland in the 1970s had a "gun confiscation" which led to the homicide rate increasing significantly the following years. There's a trend that has one common link: Gun control. Statistically (Most of the time) the more gun control, the more homicides go up.

If no one had a firearm except the police, the homicide rates would hardly go down; guns dont kill people.

Gun laws are beyond ridiculous; in NYS, you can't have more than 7 bullets per mag. That's only hurting law abiding citizens; is a criminal going to stop at 7 bullets just because it's the law? Of course not!

People want to ban "assault rifles," even though, handguns cause the most murders out of any firearm; they're not banned or being pushed to be. Yes, most of the "mass shootings" are by assault rifles, but more homicides are from pistols. So people that die by pistols are less important than by assault rifles?

The true intent of the 2nd Amendment is to form a militia Incase of a tyrannical government; you're trying to stop people of that right. It's main purpose is not for hunting, shooting practice, or even home-defense. Ask people in countries that have fought tyranny, they'll be in support of having firearms. We may not be under threat right now, but what about 40 years from now? You never know; you can't deny people of their rights, especially for a failing system.
Gun Control: Do you actually believe it works?
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