Transgenderism: Why act like it's okay?

Transgenderism is a mental disorder: "Gender Dysphoria," is the common term for it. According to WebMD, ~71% of transgenders suffer from another mental health diagnosis in their lifetime. People want to support, and encourage them to embrace the disorder; instead it should be treated, and they should be helped. Liberals in particular want to use emotions over fact; they want to enact laws that let the opposite sex use the any bathroom they want (which Trump finally demolished). Not only that, but many people want to claim their child is a transgender. The boy scouts just allowed a used-to-be girl in, which is absolutely ridiculous.

You can't choose your gender; some things aren't opinions, and your gender is one of them. The encouragement of transgenderism is wrong on many levels, and it just started recently. I agree, it's horrible that they get attacked, but at the time it was so wrong. That time is changing; people are in more support of them than the healthy. It's even led to the Democrats pushing for bathroom laws and discrimination laws. The bathroom law was crazy; if you're a woman, use the women's bathroom and vise versa.

Personally, I've seen transgenders and their supports talk about how they should be allowed into the military. I've seen them say that they can join to just get the free transition surgery to change their gender; that's even worse since their using Government money to pay for a mental disorder, which should not happen. If they want to join then that's fine with me, but they will be absolutely destroyed in not only boot camp, but also on base with their peers. It would be so bad, I highly recommend them not joining. Moreover, the military treats girls as girls and guys as guys, so they'll throw a fit there too.

The worst is the boy scouts; a child doesn't know if they want to be the opposite sex. It's child abuse to push a kid to that; same situation when liberals take their 8 year old kid to violently protest Trump: Sickening.

Transgenderism: Why act like it's okay?
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