Turkish citizens, how do you feel about your leader?


Turkish citizens, how do you feel about your leader?

Following the series of escapades in which the fascist leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called out European leaderships "Nazis" for remaining dismissive and defendant of his own fascist politics, he is now practically threatening the European nations with acts of terrorism against its people.
I quote:

"If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets,"
Mr Erdogan told journalists in Ankara.

Turkey, a country that consistently ranks at the top of nations that threaten the world peace, has been under the rule of president Erdogan since 2014.
A short period in which he progressively managed to burn bridges with numerous world nations by supporting Islamic terrorism and by directly partaking in acts of terror against minorities, many of which NATO considers their allies.
In November of 2015 Erdogan's leadership put target on backs of Turkish people by performing a direct act of war against Russia by shooting down one of Russia's Su-24 near Syrian border.

In July of 2016 a coup has taken place allegedly aiming to overthrow the leadership, led by the former imam Fethullah Gulen - a tale of which the authenticity was not confirmed to this day, and is believed by many including some prominent intelligence agencies to be a fabrication of the current president Erdogan for the purposes of eradicating unwanted subjects of his government.

Paradoxically, all these events led to rise in Erdogan's popularity and the birth of his cult following as Turkey remains in reluctant favor of NATO because of its strategic position in middle east with particular relation to Syria.

So I ask you citizens of Turkey, how do you feel about your President's maniacal rise to power?
Are you supportive of his politics or are you fearing the eventual backlash from Europe, or worse - the devastating consequences of facing the ire of Russia once NATO turns its back towards an ally that constantly alienates others who have its back?
Turkish citizens, how do you feel about your leader?
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