Does anyone else think this is probably an indication of a serial killer?

So over the past 7 years in Massachusetts ten college kids have been reported missing and eventually found dead in the river. Now nearly all of them have been found in the charles river. They have always been male, and they have always been in college, the last one having been a student at Harvard. Now furthermore they have all been gone missing and been found in the river at the same time each year, from the start of the spring semester in January to around early spring.
The police have said they dont believe its a serial killer but while the BPD are great when it comes to most things. Their is quite a bit of evidence that the last serial killer in Boston the Boston stranger had the wrong man arrested for the crime.
What do you think.
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Correction, Zachary Marr was a student at wachusett community collegd
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The reasons I doubt the police , are that similar cases in the Midwest have shown that while easily mistaken for an accidental drowning on autopsy clearly aren't and the areas that the kids particularly the last one who was found in the Charles, would have been floating there for a while. So how come when the winter hill gang killed someone and dumped their body in the Charles they were found in days, but a drowninf takes almost a month to find the body
Does anyone else think this is probably an indication of a serial killer?
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