What does it mean if someone appears in your dream?

But actually, You don't really think of them. Do they actually thinking about you in the first place? Well, I was on a bus trip (maybe in Nepal). With some people, and he sits behind me. Actually, about a guy that I start to forget (I move on). I don't really think of him (really). I sing and laugh at something and he thinks I am funny. He seems like a mountain climber (in that dream, he likes extreme sport like ski) and I told people in that bus trip that I am very fascinated with the Everest mountain. He did not tell he is a mountain climber. He acts like he ever went to Nepal and climb the mountain there. What does it mean? actually... I start to never hold any madness on him (as I move on) and never think of him before I go to bed. But, why he appears on my dream? Is he thinking about me last night? He lives in Utrecht, Netherlands. I live in Malaysia.

We start to stop contact for some reason. So, I move on. Then why he appear on my dream and why I start to like Everest? Meh... I don't understand why?
What does it mean if someone appears in your dream?
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