Do you think Ariana Grande is a h0?

Genuine question. I find myself wondering this a lot.

I like her music and she's cute but in THAT kind of way... 🤔

Like bratty celebrity cute (not hating, just saying she has acted publicly bratty)

And has anyone seen an Ariana grande evolution

And do you remember THOSE memes?

Like From innocent nickelodeon actress in cute puffy dresses to... well, unnecessary playboy bunny and derogatory outfits. I like her taste but she pushes it. Even her lyrics are blatantly overly sexual. And I she only gets with guys who express very loudly and proudly they have sex oftennn (unintentional pun), their crazy sexual activities and that they won't live without it.

If you know what I am talking about you will understand my questioning

If that is how she wants to be okay but from your perceptions do YOU think she is a h0?
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Do you think Ariana Grande is a h0?
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