"Nakefit"- Soles on your feet?

mooky06 s
Would you buy yourself a pair of Nakefit's?
"Nakefit"- Soles on your feet?

Nakefit's are stick on soles that protect your feet when you're on the beach. It can prevent you from getting cuts, diseases and that uncomfortable burning sand feeling.

They're anti slip, waterproof, cut proof and reusable. All you have to do is peel them off and stick them onto the bottom of your feet

I'm not sure what i'd think of these lol I'm surprised they haven't created a "transparent" one. If they invented those, i'd be willing to give them a try. A pack of 10 is $33.00 so hmm it sounds ok lol

Would you want a pair of Nakefits on your feet? LOL or just stick with a pair of shoes?
"Nakefit"- Soles on your feet?
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