What do you really think about R. Kelly?

Its not shocking that the "I believe I can fly" singer is back in the news for his sick interest in young women. But does anyone remember him? What are your thoughts on the parents, the girls, R. Kelly and his old and new drama? Do you support him, if so why?

In the news stories one of the parents of the girls "living" with him, said she and her daughter got to meet him back stage, and she thought it would be fine because she was with them, and now she just wants her daughter back to get her help. link found here, http://nationalpost.com/entertainment/music/he-is-a-puppet-master-r-kelly-accused-of-holding-women-prisoner-in-abusive-sex-cult/wcm/15cac13a-fed8-494a-8a87-ae73350676d2

I hope the link works lol.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this news?
hate him
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Liked his music back in the day but not his brand
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Who is that?
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I still support him, he isn't so bad.
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I don't follow him
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What do you really think about R. Kelly?
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