What do you think ab the #kennekajenkins story?

I truly think there is more to the story and my thoughts are with her and her family. Anytime I've been out with friends drinking or not we always stick together, I'm always aware of my surroundings and my friends vice versa, so for her to just vanish from them is almost unheard of.

If you don't know the story a 19yo girl went to a hotel party with friends for their bday. She got a little too under the influence and her friends say she left her phone and keys in the room, left her in a hallway (with someone possibly) to retrieve them and came back to her missing. Her mother said when questioning her friends their stories kept changing. There is a fb live video right when the party was happening and there's speculations saying that she was being taken advantage of, and was sold by her "friends" for $200. There was hardly any hotel footage of her but only showed her staggering to the front desk around 3ish a. m. saying it could've been edited. Her friends said they looked for her but couldn't find her and notified her mom around 4/5 and returned her car back to her mother. She was found in the hotel freezer in the basement the next day. One of the friends just so happen to work at the hotel. Its pretty hard to believe that a staggering drunk girl opens a double freezer down in an restricted area only open to employees.. all in all very sad situation when you think you're just gonna go out and have a good time with friends.
What do you think ab the #kennekajenkins story?
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