What in the world is going on with sexual allegations?

My goodness another story! Ever since that Harvey guy got called out, it has just been a fire spreading with these sudden sexual allegations. It has just gotten crazy lately, I don't want to all these women are telling stories cause I already know that's how some men feel cause they think it's just another attack on them. But my biggest pet peeve of all is how most these women are coming out after someone else says it first it like they wait until the first one attacks. And let me just say my mom kinda had a experience like this. Lets just say a guy rubbed his penis against my moms butt when he was her passing by from behind. The first time it happened, she thought it was an accident, the second time it happened she grabbed the guy by the wrist and told him she was going to stab him with a screw driver if he dared do it again. It scared the shit out of him and instantly made the guy afraid of my mom, my mom didn't wait or just brush it off as no big deal.. she immediately took action and let him know that his behavior was unacceptable. Anyways here's the newest article that just popped up. Also another one that just came up 32 mins ago about Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman? It's just wild out here man lol
What in the world is going on with sexual allegations?
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