Who is in the right, Boeing or Bombardiar?

Boeing, the United States commercial aircraft manufacturer, is in a major fight against Bombardiar, a Canadian Regional Jet manufacturer.

Basically, Bombardiar recently released a new CS series of aircraft, which Delta order 75 of. The airplane is similar in its capabilities to the Boeing 737 MAX 7, Boeing's smallest aircraft.

The problem Boeing has is Bombardiar received a lot of money in subsidies from the Canadian government, allowing the company to offer the airplane for a lot less than market value, basically selling brand new aircraft at used aircraft prices. Delta counters that Boeing did not have an aircraft that fit Deltas needs and thus did not lose the sale to Bombardiar.

But Boeing seems to be taking a larger view of things, saying that the subsidies the Canadian government gave to Bombardiar are a threat to the 737 MAX 7 product.

The United States has temporarily imposed a 300% tariff on the Bombardiar CS series of aircraft, the ITC is now considering whether to make that tariff permanent.

Should the tariff be made permanent? Is Boeing in the right? Did the Canadian government give Bombardiar an unfair advantage?
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Boeing 737 MAX 7 airplanes have a unit cost of $92 million, Bombardiar sold their CS aircraft to Delta for "less than $20 million".

Also, in 2015 Boeing and Bombardiar competed for a contract at United Airlines where the MAX 7 won out over the CS (only after Boeing cut it's prices to the absolute lowest level possible).
Who is in the right, Boeing or Bombardiar?
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