Do you believe in (man made) global warming?

Al Gore, our famous inventor of the internet, says that extreme cold is what we should be expecting from global warming. (well, now they call it climate change, because obviously, it's not getting any warmer!)
here's the problem though- i think they are banking on people's attention spans being only 5 minutes long. when i was a child i can remember having enormous neighborhood snowball fights, with mountains of snow 10 or 12 feet high piled up to make snow forts. but over the years, i've sat back and wondered "where has the snow gone?" and some years, haven't even had a white Christmas. last year, for example, at this time we had RAIN... tons of RAIN.

the warm weather last year was blamed on el-ninio. the pacific ocean cools, giving off much heat into the atmosphere, which lasts for several weeks as it drifts over north america and holds back the cold air from the arctic.

but now the el-nino effect is over, since the cooling cycle has to start over again and build up heat. we get a little snow and suddenly, everybody is huddled around makeshift campfires in their living rooms, burning socks and books to keep warm.

is it just me? am i the only one thinking 'wow... we're having a normal winter here.' ?

besides that, add to the fact that all the other planets in the solar system are also going through the same warming/cooling changes that we are. the process is heavily dependent on the sun, and we even went through a very cold time awhile back that scientists called "the little ice age" where there were no sun-spots for a number of years.

to me... it just is obvious. in January it's cold. in July it's hot. but scientists will say that the sun has absolutely NO affect on the earth's climate, but we need to tax people for breathing in order to cut back on global warming. what? how does taking money out of my purse decrease the amount of air i breath? oh yeah... when you tax me to DEATH the amount of air i breath will be greatly affected!
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nobody is looking at the great silver lining here. even if global warming is real. wouldn't that be great? antarctica would melt and we'd have an entire new continent to explore and settle. fuck all the blue state liberals on the coasts and their ivory tower condos anyway. they shouldn't have built a house on the sand. that's what global warming is really about anyway. they want to tax money out of MY purse to pay for the mistake of building a life in a dangerous spot.
Do you believe in (man made) global warming?
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