Does anyone remembers a principal's son raped his ex girlfriend article?

The article is nowhere to be found now. What I heard from another user that the article was published on many other sites. Not sure if the suspect's family payed people to delete or get rid of the articles.
It was a story of how a young adult was raped by another young adult. The victim reported the suspect but the local police department at the victim's city turned her case around and abandoned it. Some of her fellow classmates and her knew that her rapist's father was connected to many policemen at their city. They assumed that they turned over her story because the suspect was their friend's son. Almost a year later, the mother, whom is a Los Angeles elementary school principal, had called the victim's number and told her, "Rape is not a crime and never report my son, don't ever again!" The victim cried and told her friends and relatives. They reported the principal and found out she had changed her number three times in a row. She almost lost her job. She called the victim's number again and said, "Black people have more power! I will never ever let my son go into jail and forget about that baby because I won't ever tell him!" The victim never earned her justice but almost the entire city found out about her story and started to bully their family not for their race or ethnicity but for putting down another human being and covering up a rapist's track and crime. The suspect's social media account was put down for he had told the truth that he did rape his ex girlfriend. A few of his followers had screenshot and sent it to many friends. When the suspect setted up a new account, the witnesses went against him and put his profile on seven rape victim accounts that are against sexual harrassments, abuse, rape, etc. The suspect can't ever get hired around his city and as known as still being bullied for what he done.

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Does anyone remembers a principal's son raped his ex girlfriend article?
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