What do you think about this case?


Long story short, a woman murdered her rapist. She actually paid two men to kill him. They cut him into several pieces and the different parts were thrown at different locations. The woman and two men have been arrested.

I think I should give out this one information. Most of the times rape cases are kept a secret in order to not ruin the family's prestige. If the victim is unmarried then it becomes impossible to find a husband because the groom party also worries about prestige. This is why in such cases the families do not reveal anything to the police and even reject the journalists.

Yet to satisfy the victim the family consoles them saying that they will pay criminals to murder the rapist or fatally injure him. Many even do it! But believe me, this one is really extreme. I never heard of it being more than something meant to console.

I definitely believe the woman should be executed or at least imprisoned until death. However at the same time I believe that people should learn from it. If we didn't have the culture of honor surrounding women, rape culture, victim blaming, humiliation by the police and news of rape being used as the newspaper clickbait, no one would ever think of taking the revenge by themselves. The woman's action is understandable, but not justified. Tbh if I was in her place I would have made those men separate all his organs as well. But thinking of it and acting on it are two different things.
What do you think about this case?
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